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March 20 2018


March 18 2018

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some Coco fanart doodles



the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags in another plastic bag despite the fact that I will probably never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

January 30 2018

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fuzzy pickles

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I haven’t drawn Jeff in a while. he’s my favourite from Mom 2.

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Fanart of Earthbound/Mother 2 characters

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Finally colored my old drawing hhhh

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mach pizza!!!!!

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reblog chunky growlithe for a good year of the dog

December 27 2017

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im putting all the renders in 1 post so it wont spam up dashes dfjshdfjh


November 18 2017

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October 18 2017

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new OMOHATS are up!!

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literally my childhood in a picture

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1) they expensive bruh 2) none of us kno the dif btwn a fucking diamond and some fancy ass glass ur capitalist rock hierarchy has no control over us

3) mostly mined with slave labor

4) we get excited when our date buys us an appetizer, we don’t even comprehend people buying us rocks that would force us into debt for ten years

5) They aren’t actually that rare and the price is artificially inflated. 

Pro tip from a former Jared’s salesperson: You want a sparkly white rock that will look like a diamond to the untrained eye and will literally cost the price of a nice dinner for two? Created white sapphire. They’re lab grown and cost *pennies* to make, so you can get a 1 or 2 carat white sapphire for like… $30-80 probably. You can get one as huge as you like, perfectly clear, perfectly flawless. And no one will ever be able to tell the difference except a professional appraiser. Also, sapphires are the second-hardest gemstone (right after diamonds) so they are very durable! Very unlikely that they’ll chip or crack. Get that bitch set in sterling silver and you are GOOD TO GO. Whole thing should cost you less than $200 unless you get a fancy band with a lot of extra stones. Of course, created sapphires come in every color of the rainbow, so if you want something more exciting than plain white, you TOTALLY CAN. 

Created sapphires and silver: The poor Millennial’s engagement ring. 


engagement rings: HACKED

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Chat Purring is CANON

Season 2 TFOU promo
Miraculous Ladybug

October 02 2017



Here’s some fucking advice yall:

  • Middle school is worse than high school.
  • High school is worse than college.
  • No one fucking knows what they’re doing, we’re all just faking it and pretending we understand so people will respect us but if you tell us we’re doing it wrong, you’re probably right because rarely does someone know better.
  • You will find something you like to do that you can make money doing.
  • You’re going to find friends that aren’t going to fucking wreck you.
  • You’re not always going to live in the hell hole that you’ve known for so long.
  • It’s going to get better, but I’ll be honest, it doesn’t always stay better, but it gets better again. Bad times are just times that are bad. They don’t stay. Everything is fucking temporary.
  • Just fucking watch your favorite TV shows, tell ppl you love them when you do, and don’t play games with emotions because it ends up hurting like hell.
  • And eat dessert when you want it.
  • And know you ALWAYS deserve better.

September 28 2017


Childhood Aliens Re-Imagined



As a child I was supremely inspired by science fiction films and made up hundreds of “space aliens” to populate an imaginary galaxy. My brother and I then play-acted adventures set in this fictitious realm.


My parents kept all my drawings; there are dozens upon dozens of pages, each populated with multitudes of aliens, complete with descriptions of every species and character.

Earlier this year I started putting together a portfolio of zany “trope” aliens, with the hopes of getting a gig designing aliens for a popular animated show. (Guess which?)


Instead of designing things from scratch, I decided to resurrect and re-draw ten characters from my childhood. Here they are, complete with original drawings and vitally-important attributes and descriptions.

From top to bottom;


Tri-Bots (1992)
- Actually a lego-like colony of semi-organic robots.
- Head robot gets to be the brain.
- If decapitated, they play a form of robotic “rock paper scissors” to elect the new leader.


Meta-Snake (1992-3?)
- Not a real snake, but a trans-dimensional entity that can slip between dimensions.
- Glowing jaws help Meta-Snake open up portals between worlds.
- Its face is a fake face; Meta-snake’s actual eyes are the pore-like things between its body segments.
- A sardonic character; refers to itself in the third person and speaks in riddles.
- Occasionally speaks backwards because it has a different concept of time.
- Can grant wishes, alter the universe and save you from the most dangerous situations…
- … but you can’t really trust it.


Ogrenas (1995)
- A scary-looking insect-reptile with a heart of gold.
- Misunderstood and shunned, actually very kind and harmless.
- Its species lives in big hives; glowing eyes can project holograms.
- Scary teeth evolved to gnaw on the bark of giant trees.
- Glands on its chest secrete a clear goo that Ogrenas must rub all over its body to avoid sunburn.


Sirian [IKMASH] (1995)
- Very intelligent fellow, but devoid of feelings.
- Gets a sadistic streak sometimes.
- The classic grey alien but also a bit like a cat.
- Lonely last member of a once-proud master race; vain and pompous personality.
- Operates machines light-years beyond human technology. Can turn light into matter.


The Sultis Megadon Monster (1995)
- From the same planet as Ogrenas (see above).
- A predatory animal with a hollow head, people can get in via a door-like flap behind its jaws and drive it around like a car.
- Controls inside look like tentacles, pustules and glands, you must tug at them.
- If you crash into someone the Sultis Megadon Monster eats them.
- If two Sultis Megadon crash head on, the larger eats the smaller.
- If they are the same size, they start mating.


Veridian (1996)
- Cryptic and shy intelligent species, comes in many varieties with different head-frills.
- Their planet is full of snakes!
- Scared of open places and doesn’t like being touched.
- Will sting you to death with its extremely pointed jaw, but does not want confrontation.
- Has no vocal cords, talks by shaking its elaborate, winged tail rattle.


Voidian (1996)
- Friendly but annoying frog character.
- Makes bad jokes and talks too much, but ultimately harmless.
- Its race once lived on trees, but have now been banished to a network of caves.
- Has the annoying habit of jumping on people to startle them.


Pudd (1997)
- Cryptic member of a mollusk-spider race where everyone calls themselves “Pudd”.
- In fact that’s the only word they can speak out.
- They actually communicate with a very sophisticated sign language performed by their top four limbs.
- Shy characters; only want to play with strange devices they build in trees.
- Scary claws help them climb enormous redwoods instead. Not predators.
- Skip on the ground from tree to tree on well-developed monopod.
- Hermaphrodites: Both lovers get pregnant when they make out.
- Pale spigot on body squirts a kind of defensive ink.
- Salt works like a dangerous drug on them; Pudd will crave it even as it kills them.


VIXON (1997)
- A gregarious and boisterous space merchant of an unknown race.
- Travels in a flashy spaceship that has many bright lights and chrome polish.
- Enjoys giving people an awkward time.
- Fun to hang out with but he WILL swindle you if you give him the chance.
- Has glowing tonsils as a result of space herpes infection.
- Every arm has a testicle and an ejaculatory pipe that VIXON uses in place of a thumb and forefinger…
-… except the third pair, which has ovaries and other female genitals. But Vixon can’t get pregnant from himself.


Snirfle (1997)
- Very smart dude, can hack any device.
- From a backwoods planet; got where he is by sheer hard work.
- Its hands are only used for grooming; uses his triple proboscii to type on computers.
- Can digest almost any type of food; prone to binge-eating, keep food away from him!
- Sings when no one is looking.


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